Assisting isolated seniors and other at risk individuals for the Covid-19 virus

posted almost 2 years ago by DCCOAD from Douglas County COAD Labels: volunteering-drivers needed to deliver shut-ins
This update is over 30 days old.

One year ago we were helping to meet the needs of individuals isolated due to the snow storm. This year we are doing the same for individuals isolated due to being a higher risk if exposed to the Covid-19 virus. We are seeking volunteers to assist in the delivery of food, medicine and hygene supplies to seniors and other at risk individuals in Douglas County who are being asked to stay home by the health department in order to minimize the risk .


  • Happy to help with food/medicine delivery. Thanks for organizing this effort

    Corsmith "(almost 2 years ago)"
  • I am also happy to help with delivery

    JRicks "(almost 2 years ago)"
  • We can help. I have open availability

    sarafrich "(almost 2 years ago)"
  • I am able to provide deliveries. Thank you

    Makapala "(almost 2 years ago)"
  • Happy to deliver supplies!

    rmock "(almost 2 years ago)"
  • Please put a call out for how many delivery volunteers you need, what the plan is, how many per day; how long per person, scheduling etc. That will help us stagger staff to volunteer for deliveries. Thank you, Stephanie, Oregon Serigraphics (541.672.6296

    Orsrecovers "(almost 2 years ago)"
  • I can deliver food and can also shop and cook for people.

    ccaplan "(almost 2 years ago)"
  • Let me know how I can sign up to help

    jhblanchard "(almost 2 years ago)"
  • Is anyone monitoring this site and calling those who have signed up and volunteered?

    mccartcg "(almost 2 years ago)"
  • Thank you all for your willingness to help others! Currently, Douglas County Senior Services is handling most of the needs for our seniors who are sheltering in place. So we are not receiving too many needs at this time. We have received a few requests and have reached out to some of you that have stepped up to volunteer.

    We too are volunteers, so please have patience with us as we work matching up people with needs.

    We truly appreciate you all!

    Andizski "(almost 2 years ago)"
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